Hand drawn original portraits of people and pets using colored pencil and opaque watercolor on Stonehenge paper.  These portraits make wonderful birthday and holiday gifts.
The most fascinating thing for me to draw is a face, whether it is a playful puppy, a lazy cat, or a mischievous child.  It is wonderful to create art that captures the personality of an individual or pet.  My portraits consist of multiple layers of colors laid down carefully, resulting in rich color and detail.  Unless you specify otherwise, my portraits consist solely of the animals face and chest, no background is included, this is called a vignette, and allows the person or pet to be the sole focus in the artwork. Choose carefully the color of paper you want for the portrait, it should enhance the colors of the person or pet portrayed.  I work from photographs. To ensure the most beautiful artwork possible, please send photos that are close up that have crisp, sharp details, using sunlight (no flash), and at eye level with your pet.

The Commission Process

1. Name:
2. Address:
3. City & State:
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5. Email:
6. Phone:

7. Choose the photos you want the portrait to be based on.

8. Choose the size of the portrait from the drop down menu.
9. Choose the color of paper.
10. Submit
11. I will reply to discuss the final details, then send a PayPal Invoice.
12. Once I receive payment, I will begin the portrait, and contact you when it is done.  I will send  a picture of the portrait before it ships.  While you receive the original artwork, I retain the rights to the artwork.